What is Marian Devotion?

“A Marian devotion is a gift (total or partial) of oneself, or one’s activities to the Virgin Mary.”– via Wikipedia.

What really intrigues me about Marian devotion is that  it’s not limited to prayers, rituals and/or acts of, absolute self-sacrifice. In fact, an  entire body of art and culture has blossomed  through Marian devotion to celebrate and honor our Mother  Mary, and sometimes these cultural expressions  are used to request divine intercession in times of illness and suffering.

The full spectrum of arts and crafts is explored and venerated  as an honest act of devotion. From classical antiphons to traditional quilting, Marian devotion has created a rich and vibrant culture all on its own. One definitely worth exploring.

Speaking of culture…. let’s put a little musica on the subject…. here’s just one example of a familiar Marian Hymnal– Ave Maria. Enjoy.

Do you  have any personal favorites from any musical genre? Have you ever created your own music as an expression of Marian Devotion? If so, we’d love to  hear them or learn more about Marian music in general. Please  share with us.

For a very in-depth exploration into traditional Marian Music, visit the Marian Music Archive.


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